Best Internet Service Provider Manitoba

Here is an overview of PCMag’s 2023 Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Manitoba. PCMag’s novel methodology extends beyond merely identifying the fastest ISP and now includes an evaluation of customer satisfaction, coverage, and pricing. This holistic approach provides a more comprehensive understanding of the best Canadian ISPs and their real-world performance for actual customers. The enhanced methodology also facilitates a province-specific breakdown of the data. In this article, we delve into the data to discern the top performers both overall and within each of the four key categories in Manitoba,

  1. TekSavvy
  2. Shaw
  3. Bell MTS

TekSavvy wins out because it has the best price and customer rating scores in Manitoba. It’s also in the top tier for speed and coverage: only Valley Fiber and Shaw are faster, and only Xplore and SpaceX Starlink cover more of the area. Shaw is a close second, however. Shaw is faster than TekSavvy but slightly more expensive, and its customer rating is a little lower.

Taking a closer look at the individual categories, we can see some variation. In terms of speed, Valley Fibre is the winner, offering consumers an average speed of 162.7. Shaw, in comparison, gets second place with a median speed of 157.4, while TekSavvy comes in at 147.4. The slowest performers are Bell DSL and SpaceX Starlink, with speeds of 23.7 and 39.4, respectively. Coverage varies, though all of the companies that have coverage data included do cover more than half of the province. Xplore has a coverage percentage of 100%, while SpaceX Starlink covers 99% of Manitoba. The Earth-bound providers aren’t slacking, however. Bell MTS covers 83%, while Shaw and TekSavvy cover 66%. When we look at price per Mbps, TekSavvy provides the best rate of $0.08, and Bell MTS and Shaw both offer a rate of $0.09. There’s then a large jump in prices. Xplore charges $1.20, and SpaceX Starlink charges $1.40. Bell DSL is the most expensive ISP, however, with a rate of $2.00. Finally, only four of the nine ISPs in the survey had customer satisfaction ratings. TekSavvy is the clear winner here, garnering a rating of 8.1 out of 10. Shaw gets a rating of 7.4, and Bell DSL clearly earns its price, as it gets a customer satisfaction rating of 7.2. Bell MTS also has a strong customer rating of 7.1.

We see that national ISPs enjoy a considerable edge due to their blend of extensive coverage, brand recognition, and competitive pricing. Nevertheless, as we dissect the categories further, notably in terms of speed and customer satisfaction, smaller companies often demonstrate their strengths. The ‘best’ ISP is the one that aligns most closely with the customer’s preferences, whether they prioritize personalized service, high-speed connectivity, or exceptional value. With the aid of these rankings, consumers should find it even more straightforward to discover the ISP that perfectly suits their needs

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