Important Services That Commercial Landscapers Can Provide To Your Company

Commercial landscaping services allow businesses to create a level of beauty for their business that separates them from other businesses. Commercial landscaping is a service that represents considerable value to your company and adds to the wellbeing of your business. You can also invest in commercial landscaping for areas including patios, front entrances, car parks, and car wash bays.

If you are looking at commercial landscaping companies to consider for this type of work, it is always best to seek the advice of an expert so they can provide the right services that will suit your needs.

Turf Installation

If your company strives to offer a better, safer ground alternative than concrete, a safe and fun environment is necessary. In this case, putting in a beautiful lawn comes into play. Commercial landscaping services use turf as a green alternative to grass where there is limited moisture or soil. It is also lightweight and easy for professionals to install with suitable material and equipment.

Experts of a commercial landscaping company have the knowledge and experience to get the job done as quickly as possible.  Professional turf installation creates a nice decorative touch that promotes your business, adds value to your property, and promotes customer loyalty. They provide an excellent alternative to natural grass and come in various styles and colors.

Installation Of Commercial Irrigation Systems

As more and more business owners realize the importance of green space in office environments, companies specializing in commercial landscaping are seeing a boom in business. Growing plants with the help of professional services is usually much more cost-effective than trying to manage your landscaping.

Two areas of expertise that landscaping companies can provide you with are installing commercial irrigation systems and managing services that will continue to maintain your green spaces on an ongoing basis. Commercial watering systems are mostly mechanical devices that control the water supply to some building parts through valves and some other fittings. It uses underground pipes to bring water to the areas that need watering.

Electronic irrigation systems ensure there is enough water present in your landscape. The service helps maintain the gardens and grass in good natural conditions. These systems are complex, and thus you may need the assistance of professional commercial landscapers when it comes to installing or repairing them.

Green Landscaping Services: Planting and Maintaining Plants, Shrubs, Trees

Discover how you can add freshness and beauty to your business with professional landscaping services in commercial areas. Commercial landscaping companies offer an extensive range of green and complete services in the following categories:

  • planting plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees in your premises;
  • creating and maintaining gardens and park areas
  • lawn services and fountains
  • gardening maintenance

However, some landscapers have a list of trees that they prefer for their clients. Planting plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees are a great way to turn a disaster into a triumph.

Landscape Lighting Designs

Whether it’s a golf course, park, or office building, the landscaping and landscape lighting installation at these locations requires specialized expertise that only experienced and licensed professionals can provide. While less expensive than installing your lighting installations, hiring a landscape lighting professional is the professional solution whenever you want to ensure that your site looks its best and without dark spots at night.

Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Hardscapes

I think we can all agree that commercial landscaping companies are essential to the general appearance of your business. Landscaping is an integral part of many business buildings. Commercial building owners, tenants, property managers and realtors need to give the best impression to the public. 

Installing a commercial hardscape enhances the image of your business premises in a variety of ways. The most common forms of commercial hardscape are different kinds of walkways, pavements, and rooftops.


Landscaping is the crowning touch on your business building. A well-designed landscape can improve visibility, safety, security, aesthetics and create an overall state of mind that will contribute to your bottom line. Commercial landscaping services can create a more inviting atmosphere for your customers and employees alike. The right landscaping design is an investment that creates a better environment for workers and customers alike. Sunshine Landscape can design and install a landscape plan for you, whether your business is big or small, and most importantly, produce visually stunning results.