George Scorsis & His Achievements in the Cannabis Industry

Regardless of the industry, a successful entrepreneur is an effective manager with the right entrepreneurial skills. In the cannabis industry, various leaders have succeeded in growing their companies’ profits. One known leader and pioneer in the cannabis industry is George scorsis.

Who is George Scorsis?

George Scorsis Florida is among the most knowledgeable leaders in the cannabis industry. He focuses on the safety of patients and consumers who use medical marijuana. Also, as an executive chairman of liberty health sciences, his company WeedMD has acquired an Ontario cannabis company which operates small production. 

In the past, George scorsis worked in various industries, such as Mettrum Wellness Corp., a company he started after mothers whose children had epileptic seizures began emailing him. Later, he became the chairman of liberty health sciences. And although he is accused of fund embezzlement, he is yet to be arrested or charged by law enforcement agents. 

In 2006, while he was the president and CEO of Red Bull Canada, George was named the executive chairman of Entourage Health. However, George retained his interest in the medical aspects of the business he started, liberty health sciences, in 2014.

After resigning as the CEO of liberty health sciences, Scorsis joined menstruum as the executive chairman. As the industry pioneer, George has received awards such as a Nobel Prize. That was due to his work associated with quality, innovation and excellent customer service.

Leadership at WeedMD

WeedMD is a Canadian medically focused, federally licensed producer and distributor of cannabis. As the executive chairman of WeedMD, George takes on constructive roles in all business activities. Also, George rallies his team to excel, contribute to a higher standard and develop a stimulating culture.

Recently, George saw an opportunity with M&A and the consolidation of the marijuana industry. That led to a merge between Starseed and WeedMD. Even after the merge, George continued to be the executive chairman of WeedMD, which led to a $25 million raise plus combining two synergistic platforms.

Later, an additional $ 30 million credit facility to expand the WeedMD medical and recreational platform.

Before acquiring a role at WeedMD, George was the president of Red Bull Canada. At Red bull, George was influential in restructuring from its geographical and operational wise. That has led to a $150 MM growth in revenue. Also, George worked closely with Health Canada on guidelines regulating energy drink categories.

Board Involvement

George scorsis has acted as chairman and director in private and public entities. Such includes the board of directors of Scythian Bioscience corp. The company is a research and development entity that works towards advancing treatment efforts for traumatic brain injury. It does that using cannabis-based combination drug therapy.

Additionally, George founded and acted as chairman of Tasilli life sciences, which deals with PTSD search. Currently, George scorsis is the chairman of AWAKN, which integrates psychedelic medicine into mainstream mental health.

Charity Work

George scorsis is a generous contributor to various charities through personal and business efforts. He has been involved with the Agincourt Food Bank in Scarborough and has been instrumental with other professionals in food drives that help the organization. Also, George scorsis continues to work with the food Bank, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


George scorsis is an iconic figure in the cannabis industry. His work and achievements have been of great importance to many people worldwide. Notably, George ensures consumers’ protection and creates an environment of safety.

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