The Simplest Building Design Software for New Architects

Are you considering getting into the building design niche? Welcome to the industry. It is a highly respected and rewarding discipline because building designers are able to actualize people’s thoughts by replicating them in models. For beginners or architects who want to keep their work simple, the biggest question might be, “what is the simplest building design app to use?” Here are some suggestions to consider.

Chief Architect

Taking the first position on our list of the best simple building design apps is the Chief Architect. We must indicate that Chief Architect is a highly advanced program, but it grabs the first position because it is so simple to use. Its intuitive user interface is awesome, making it easy to access most tools and craft top-rated designs fast. 

We liked the software’s load of tools that you can apply for a wide range of design works, from remodeling to interior design and complete building design. Whether you want to create just a single room or change the building façade, Chief Architect will not disappoint. 

We cannot fail to mention the extensive library of 3D design objects, which makes customization easy and fast. If you do not want to work on walls, doors, balconies, or facades from scratch, Chief Architect has ample 3D collections for you to select from. Other notable features of the program include live layouts, custom watermarks, reverse plans, and labeled callouts. 

Sweet Home 3D 

If you look at most building design software out there, they are pretty complex and require a lot of time to get used to. Sweet Home 3D defies this outlook because it comes with easy-to-use tools. Using the program, you can easily create round, straight or sloping parts with only the computer keyboard and mouse. The software allows architects to insert parts, such as walls and windows, by simply fetching and dragging them to the targeted area. To make the process even easier, the catalog of 3D objects is also searchable. So, if you are designing the kitchen, searching using a term such as “kitchen” will list most of the items that you need.

Other notable features of Sweet Home 3D are the virtual visitor that allows you to view the designs you are creating in 3D and photorealistic rendering. So, go ahead and customize shadows, light, and reflections to make your designs look as real as possible. 

Space Designer 3D

If you are tired of working with desktop-based software for building design, it is time to move to the next level and start using web-based programs. The lovely thing about these apps is that you do not need to download or install anything to design a building. Instead, you only need to have an updated browser. 

To get started with the Space Designer 3D is easy. You only create an account and start drawing your plans. You can work on your building models from scratch or customize the available suggestions. The app comes with more than 5,000 objects that architects can use. This means that even if you are new to building design, the software makes it pretty easy to work on top-quality designs and complete them fast. 

Another awesome feature is the photorealistic renderings. The app allows you to simulate lighting realistically so that the designs look real to your clients. With only a few clicks, you can convert your 3d objects to photorealistic images and edit the effects for more impressions. 

The advances in the building design niche have yielded new and more advanced programs that are making architects’ work easier and more enjoyable. The software options we have highlighted above stand out for their simplicity, yet they allow architects to create top-rated designs for both practice and commercial work. Other apps that are also simple to use include Revit, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. 

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